1. Customers can open the Swarnaudayam account by visiting the nearest Sri Krishna Jewellers stores/Private Show/Trunk Show (India Only)/online web portal www.swarnaudayam.com along with valid ID proof.
  2. Members can pay monthly advances by cash, card, online, bank transfers, or cheques.
  3. Members have to pay a fixed monthly advance amount on or before 10th of every month with Sri Krishna Jewellers for 11 months.
  4. Monthly fixed plan starts with a minimum advance of Rs.3000/- per instalment, & in multiple of Rs.1000/- thereof.
  5. After paying 11 consecutive months, a ‘Customer Loyalty Bonus’ for the 12th month, equivalent to one month’s advance will be made by Sri Krishna Jewellers.
  6. Making Charges and Wastage Charges will NOT be charged upon maturity of the plan.
  7. If due to any unforeseen circumstances, a member wishes to exit the plan before maturity:
    - You can redeem Jewellery of your choice to the extent of the payments made. You will need to pay all applicable taxes, GST and levies as per Govt regulations.
    - No cash refund will be permitted under normal circumstances.
    - You will not be eligible for the ‘Customer Loyalty Bonus’.
  8. Redemption value will be calculated at the prevailing Sri Krishna Jewellers gold rate on the day of redemption.
  9. No partial redemption or utilization of the credit note shall be allowed and only full redemption of accumulated monthly advances till date of redemption will be done by the Sri Krishna Jewellers stores/Private Show/Trunk Show (India Only).
  10. Customer has to purchase the jewellery within 20 days from end of 11th month i.e. 350 day, failing which the company will process refund of the principal advance amount without "Customer Loyalty Bonus" after deducting statutory taxes.
  11. Swarnaudayam (Fixed Plan) does not cover the redemption of Gold Coins, Bar/Silver Coins, Bar/silver articles and cannot be clubbed along with any other scheme in operation.
  12. Disputes if any, shall be settled subject to Hyderabad Jurisdiction only.


  1. You can become a Swarnaudayam Member by visiting your nearest Sri Krishna Jewellers stores/at a Private show / at a Trunk Show (India only) / or online www.swarnaudayam.com . Make sure to carry /submit your valid ID Proof for enrolment.
  2. Every Swarnaudayam Member will be issued a receipt to help you keep track of the transactions made under the plan. You can also check your transaction through our online portal www.swarnaudayam.com
  3. Swarnaudayam Members can make advance payments by Credit Card / Cheques / Online/ Bank Transfers/Old gold .
  4. Swarnaudayam Members need to make a minimum single (one-time) payment of Rs. 1, 00,000/- (Rupees One Lakhs Only) under this plan. You can decide on the maximum amount you wish to invest in the plan.
  5. The Gold rate will be fixed on the date of advance payment, based on the prevailing gold rate. Hence, you have to purchase the jewellery with minimum accumulated gold.
  6. No partial redemption shall be permitted under this scheme.
  7. If you wish to discontinue the Advance plan before the maturity period, all the benefits linked to the plan upon maturity period will be void.
  8. You can redeem your customised exquisite jewellery by visiting your nearest Sri Krishna Jewellers Stores / at a Private Show / or at a Trunk Show (India only).
  9. Every Swarnaudayam Member will need to purchase jewellery within 120 days after maturity failing which the Company will process refund of the Principal amount (after deducting all statutory taxes) and issue a special discount voucher.
  10. The Swarnaudayam Plan does not cover the redemption of Gold Coins/Gold Medals/Silver coins/Silver Medals/Silver articles and cannot be clubbed along with any other scheme in operation.
  11. Making Charges and Wastage Charges will NOT be charged upon maturity of the plan.
  12. You can choose to add precious and semi-precious stones to your Jewellery, by paying extra as applicable.
  13. Redemption in cash will not be permitted.
  14. All applicable taxes, GST and levies as per Govt. regulations shall be applicable and payable by the Swarnaudayam Member.
  15. Disputes if any, shall be settled subject to Hyderabad Jurisdiction only.

Detailed Terms and Conditions:

Key Conditions for Account Holder:

  • In Swarnaudayam Fixed Plan, the date of first monthly advance shall be deemed as Enrolment date/date of joining.
  • Multiple payments in a single month will not be accepted.
  • A grace period of 07(Seven) days in case of default in monthly advance shall be permitted.
  • If the member fails to make monthly installment for 30 consecutive days, they will not be eligible for the benefits attached to the fixed plan and the membership will be terminated. The advance amount paid by the customer before the termination of the membership will be converted into store credit, and the customer can purchase any jewelry against the store credit accumulated.
  • Members, who do not redeem their account within 350 days, shall be refunded the principal amount in the form of Cheque / online bank transfer only (after deducting all statutory taxes).
  • Swarnaudayam Fixed Plan can be redeemed only at Sri Krishna Jewellers Stores/Trunk Shows/Private Shows within India only.
  • Account Opening & Enrolment:

  • Membership in the Swarnaudayam Fixed Plan is only open to Individuals. Memberships shall not be granted to Companies / Corporates / Entities / Trusts etc.
  • A member can register at "www.swarnaudayam.com" to verify payments made & profile/account details. In case of any discrepancy, please send an e-mail to “swarnaudayam@srikrishnagroup.com” highlighting the discrepancy. Members must ensure to match the name as per the ID proof provided at the time of membership.
  • In case of any change in contact or address details, please email such changes to swarnaudayam@srikrishnagroup.com within 7 (seven) days from date of such change.
  • Swarnaudayam shall be denominated and utilized/redeemed in Indian Rupees (INR) only.
  • The plan maturity date will be strictly defined to the date of first monthly payment made by the member.
  • Monthly Payments:

  • Member can pay monthly advances in the web portal or any of the Sri Krishna Jewellers Stores/Private Show/Trunk Show (India only) to the concerned representative.
  • Member should collect his/her duly computerized receipt, from Sri Krishna Jewellers Stores/Public Shows/Private Shows where he/she is paying her monthly advance.
  • Member can also make the monthly advance payment through the web portal "www.swarnaudayam.com" In Swarnaudayam Fixed Plan, monthly due date shall be one month from the instalment due date. (excluding the 07 days grace period)
  • Payment of monthly advance should be made on or before 10th of every month by cash, card, cheque, online, bank transfers or demand drafts in favour of “Sri Krishna Jewellers Private Limited”.
  • The member shall be solely responsible to ensure that payments are correctly transmitted to the company’s account. In case of any payment failure, it shall be the member’s responsibility to take up the matter with their Bank/service provider.
  • Payment reminders shall be sent through email and text messages.
  • Swarnaudayam Redemption:

  • Upon maturity of the scheme, the member shall be physically present for redemption, along with Government given ID proof submitted at the time of enrolment.
  • In addition to the gold and stone charges, all jewellery purchased under the Swarnaudayam Fixed Plan will be subject to, making charges, wastage charges, and any other tax, levies as may be applicable/ prevailing at the time of purchase.
  • Partial redemption shall not be permitted under the Swarnaudayam Fixed Plan. Credit Notes/Refund shall not be issued in full or part.
  • In the event of any premature closure of the account by the member, i.e., before 11 advance payments or below 350 days, such member may purchase jewellery at the Sri Krishna Jewellers Stores/Private Show/Public Show (India only) equal to the value of the monthly amount accumulated in his/her account as on that day. However, no discount on purchase of jewellery will be given in such cases of premature closure and the member will not be eligible for customer loyalty bonus and or benefits attached to the fixed plan.
  • Other Terms & Conditions:

  • In the event of demise of the account holder, the amount is transferable by Sri Krishna Jewellers only to the nominee(s) whose nomination has been filled by the account holder at the time of opening the account.
  • Such nominee shall produce their Government approved Identity and address proof towards any claim.
  • In case a nominee has not been nominated by the member, Sri Krishna Jewellers shall transfer the benefits only to the Legal heir of the deceased member, subject to production of the below mentioned documents:
    - Death certificate of the deceased.
    - Succession Certificate.
    - NOC from other surviving legal heir for redemption.
    - Indemnity undertaking to indemnify Sri Krishna Jewellers from any future claims.
    - Copy of Will (if any)
    - Any other supporting documents as per law.
    However, the decision of “Sri Krishna Jewellers” shall be final on sufficiency of any document in all such cases, and the same shall be binding upon the claimants.
  • Sri Krishna Jewellers reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete part or whole of the privileges of the Swarnaudayam without prior notice to the account holder, as long as the same is not detrimental to the interests of the account holder.
  • Sri Krishna Jewellers is the operator of Swarnaudayam and reserves the right to suspend Swarnaudayam at any time. In any such event, the account holder may purchase any item at the Sri Krishna Jewellers Store equal to the value of the advances accumulated in his/her Swarnaudayam Fixed Plan account along with discounts accumulated, as on that day
  • The liability of Sri Krishna Jewellers under Swarnaudayam is limited to the extent of payments/advances paid by the account holder(s) and the CUSTOMER LOYALTY BONUS, as per Swarnaudayam and conditions contained herein, and thus does not lead to any other assurance or warranty whatsoever by Sri Krishna Jewellers.
  • Any conditions which are explicitly not covered above would be at the discretion of Sri Krishna Jewellers, at the time of transaction/redemption. The decision of Sri Krishna Jewellers in this regard would be deemed as irrevocable and final.
  • Disputes if any, will be subject to the Courts in Hyderabad Jurisdictiononly, to the exclusion of any other Court's jurisdiction.
  • In case of any change in existing laws, rules, Acts, etc. by any regulatory authority, Sri Krishna Jewellers reserve its right to make such modifications/change/suspend/discontinue Swarnaudayam suitable to the change of law and necessary requirements as per the such Law have to be complied with by the account holder.

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